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Journey to Healing Spirit, Soul and Body

We are “fearfully and wonderfully made”, a unique work of art with a designer label. Everything we do affects everything we do. We are composite whole and cannot separate ourselves from ourselves. Learn principles to keep your total being balanced, stress-free, released from quilt, worry and shame energized and become healthy physically, spiritually, emotionally and relationally.

Putting More Into and Getting More Out of Relationships Important to YOU

Define important relationships and set healthy boundaries. See each person as separate from yourself with unique personalities and special talents; with infinite worth and value, all blended together yto make life interesting. Learn assertive attitudes and behaviors. Guidelines for handling stress, put downs and inappropriate comments. Discover ways to respond rather react. Learn to be firm, yet kind.


Back to Basics

Building a Healthy Self-Image

Letting go if Doubt and Fear

It has a Lot To Do with Attitude

Change is An Inside Job

Behaviors the Cause Problems

Making Your Dreams Come True

Overcoming Procrastination

Dealing With Forgiveness Issues

Why Anger Lingers

We Are
Solution Principles

Solution Principles specializes in maximum people development, training individuals to be more productive by developing better communication skills, organizational abilities, goal setting, conflict resolution, office protocol, supervisory and employee interactive skills.

One of America’s most interesting speakers can be enjoyed in a presentation tailored to your specific need. Whether business, organizational or civic, you will be entertained by Mona’s humor, challenged by her gift of uncommon insight, and motivated by her thought provoking poems. Mona has developed an effective series of life changing, solution principles that address universal needs.

Three Fold Principles
Information - Application - Authentication
Guarantee: Receive two or more life-changing principles.

Take Charge of
Your Life

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