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FACT: There is a greater need for people skills than for technical skills. There is a critical need for skilled instruction on how we can manage ourselves and influence others for maximized efficiency.

“To get, keep and move ahead in a job requires 15% technical skill and knowledge.
To get, keep and move ahead in a job requires 85% people skills.”
Calvin Roberts, Human Engineer in a five year study by
Stanford Research Institution, Harvard University and the Carnegie Foundation

Corporate and Personal TrainingSUPPOSITION: All people seek a quality world in which they can…

  • experience maximum happiness and success
  • experience minimum pain, suffering and failure

FACT: The home, school and workforce are major components of an individual’s total quality world

PROBLEM: We are rarely motivated to do what we do not want to do. We can threaten, manipulate, coerce, guilt, and force, all of which leads to the pain, suffering, and failure we want so want to escape. Truth is, people often do not know how to use behavior and attitude for their own best interest. We are rarely motivated to do what we do not want to do.
FACT: Motivation is an inside job. Would you like Mona to show you the value of intrinsic inspiration?

PROBLEM: Authority figures (parents included) are often seen as “talking heads” using ineffective boss-management techniques of coercion, threats, rewards and punishment.
FACT: Relationship Development is key. Have you ever had anyone you would do anything for? Have you ever had anyone you would do nothing for? Do you know that the only difference in the two is relationship?

PROBLEM: Nobody wants to be managed.
FACT: Everybody wants to be treated with respect. All individuals are a part of the problem and all are a part of the solution. Allow Mona’s training to assists in your everyday personal and professional life.

SUPPOSITION: Build Relationships. People are the bottom line.
FACT: There is a greater need for people skills than for technical skills.
SOLUTION: Understand how we learn. Although management (including parents) is a primary player in effecting change, all are a part of the solution. All an individual can do is give information. How others receive the information and act upon the information is entirely up to the individual. Information is received mechanically through the five sense organs. Everything processed through the five senses, goes to the brain to a “comparing place”, where we choose the information we want to receive. Perception is the organization and interpretation of sensory information. Perception is psychological.

FACT: The extent to which the mechanical and psychological meld, the greater productivity and competency.
SOLUTION: Understand what motivates us. We are internally motivated. Think hunger. That famished feeling drives you to find food. So too with our intrinsic need for purpose, power, love, fun and safety. Since these needs are internal, one pursues them unconsciously and often in destructive ways.
When a person sees himself as trapped by circumstances and powerless to do anything about it, he experiences deficit in a basic area of safety and purpose. Where there are interpersonal conflicts, the deficiency is in basic need areas of security and belonging. When an individual experiences criticism, bullying or rigidity, she has a deficit in the basic need area of safety. 





  • somewhat effective
  • temporary
  • must constantly be topped
  • very effective
  • on going
  • deeper depths and greater satisfaction

External Pay-off = “No” to increase in productivity and competency
Internal Pride = “Yes” to increase in productivity and competency

Internal motivation allows a good job to be its own reward.

THE POWER OF EVALUATION Change happens through the on-going practice of awareness coupled with effective strategies to facilitate self-evaluation that “leads people to lead themselves”. Create a quality world in which the employees or students feel safe, accepted, respected, and experiences their work as fun and worthwhile. Results are happier people all around, improved competency, and increased bottom line.

  • Promotes Quality Work
  • Fosters a learning team environment of cooperation
  • Lends itself to a sense of ownership over the employee’s own work
  • Promotes responsibility for the success of the group
  • Develops each person’s unique talents, insights and skills
  • Teaches employees to be self-motivated in problem solving
  • Very empowering
  • Synergy in its purest and most effective form

Mona Dunkin, Motivational Speaker and Personal Success Coach

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Guarantee: Receive two or more life-changing principles.

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