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Consulting is a just right combination of coaching, counseling, teaching, supervision and accountabil-ity for purpose-driven individuals.

I call myself a Motivational Speaker and Consultant. But as one guy told me, “You can put anything on a business card.”

Truth is, I cannot motivate anyone to do anything.

And neither can you.

I am not even going to try. That is too stress producing. Plus it doesn’t work.

Maybe you can identify. If so, consult with me to overcome.

We are each self-determining and make our own choices based on the pleasure-pain syndrome. We seek as much pleasure and success as possible while avoiding pain and failure.

In the body-care realm, one may see vegging out in front of the TV as more pleasurable than exercise. However, after a near-death experience, one may see death as more painful than the pleasure of staying alive, even if that means exercise and healthy eating.

Our mind is capricious and capable of being deceived.
Our mind is also capable of being enlightened and of being changed.

You cannot motivate people, but people are motivated! They become self-motivated when somehow a solution is seen to meet an individual need.

I am not here to tell you what you do not already know. Knowledge is not the problem. Action is. My goal is to strike a cord that resonates in your being and you motivate yourself. I lead people to trust themselves and thus to lead themselves.

Everyone has a story and I would like to know yours. Let’s work together for a happier ending.

Mona Dunkin, Motivational Speaker and Personal Success Coach

Guarantee: Receive two or more life-changing principles

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Solution Principles

Solution Principles specializes in maximum people development, training individuals to be more productive by developing better communication skills, organizational abilities, goal setting, conflict resolution, office protocol, supervisory and employee interactive skills.

One of America’s most interesting speakers can be enjoyed in a presentation tailored to your specific need. Whether business, organizational or civic, you will be entertained by Mona’s humor, challenged by her gift of uncommon insight, and motivated by her thought provoking poems. Mona has developed an effective series of life changing, solution principles that address universal needs.

Three Fold Principles
Information - Application - Authentication
Guarantee: Receive two or more life-changing principles.

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