Creating Value, an intangible in a tangible world

Summary of Creating Value…

Everyone has something that represents the center of his being and that something determines priorities and attitudes. Creating Value discusses the function of value and encourages the reader to assess his own values. It offers reflection questions to determine what shapes your beliefs.

True success involves mutual gain. Creating Value deals with a developing a dual bottom line of being cost-effective by balancing a three-legged stool of being, doing and having. It explores Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and applies the physics principles to human relationships.

It’s all about relationship. From the cradle to the grave, a universal human need is to love and to be loved. No matter the venue – homelife, workforce, salesmanship, community involvement, government, law enforcement, or breakthrough sciences like Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, it is all about the state or quality of relating. The book explores how value positively affects all relationships and gives guidelines for improving skills.

People are the bottom line – including you Creating Value contains a short course on esteem vs. egoism. It helps the individual assess his/her infinite worth and value. it offers eleven action steps to identifyng, accepting and accentuating self-worth.

Since change is an inside job, we must become true to our own unique self before we can effectively give into the lives of others. The pursuit of self-interest, while being others oriented, brings balance. Creating Value encourages the reader to develop his/her personal code of ethics and to live a life of positive influence.

True success involves mutual gain. Creating Value deals with developing a dual bottom line of being cost-effective and people effective by balancing a three-legged stool of being, doing and having. It explores Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and applies the physics principles to human relationships.

How CREATING VALUE came to be…

In May, 2004 I attended a function in which Coach Grant Teaff was the lunch speaker. He concluded his remarks with the familiar story of there being so much that needs doing, and although we cannot do everything, we can do something.

He scanned the audience, and repeated – as though speaking directly me – “That which I can do, I should do.”

I have been teaching and writing for years, but my work has stayed local. That day the seed for this book was sown and within twenty-four hours I had a brief outline of the entire book and the chapter titles. In doing additional research for this book, I queried a diverse population including business professionals, clients, students, and federal inmates. I also interviewed five local highly influential people. Whether an entrepreneur, CEO, educator, employee, or prisoner, all agreed that values are – well – valuable.

After factoring in a period of procrastination time, I sent the manuscript to an agent in November, 2005. He agreed to represent me. Only two publishing companies were consulted and both agreed to take the manuscript. But, one wanted more mention of God and one wanted less references to God. I choose to self-publish with the prayer that an established publisher will take it as is once it becomes known.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

“I have read a great portion of your manuscript and must say it is a book I wish every young person in America would read!”
Kathryn Grant
Editorial Director
Brown Books Publishing

Chapter Titles

Chapter 1 – The Purpose of Values – a compass for life

Chapter 2 – Creating Value – an intangible in a tangible world

Chapter 3 – Results of Values – it’s all about relationship

Chapter 4 – You Matter – receiving the gift of yourself

Chapter 5 – They Matter – seeing the intrinsic value of others

Chapter 6 – Make it Personal – being the golden rule

Chapter 7 – Don’t Take It Personally – becoming thick-skinned and tender-hearted

Chapter 8 – Interest Added – developing yourself and others

Chapter 9 – The Power of Evaluation – knowing who you are and what you stand for

Chapter 10 – Bringing It All Together – the unity of diversity

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