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Mona Dunkin
Corporate Trainer,
Motivational Speaker
and Personal Success Coach

"Hi Mona. I just wanted to take time to tell you thank you because I've been looking forward to getting one of these e-letters for so long and I really appreciate the work that you do. I bought your book and learned a lot from it. It really opened my eyes to be aware of the things I say and do. You are making a difference for people and their lives whether they tell you or not. You certainly have impacted my life. Thank you for everything."

 Amanda Garrett
McLennan Community College Student

Thank you very much for sending the book (Creating Value) to me. I am telling everyone I know about you and how inspirational and motivational you are.

Thanks again,

Crystal Sinkule
West, TX





I am 65 years old and now retired. As a chemist, I spent several years in the laboratory, but was then put in charge of customer relations for my company (Bayer Corp.) I had world wide responsibility and had to call on customers through-out the United States, Europe and to some extent the Orient. This I can tell you for sure. If everyone in business, whether it be a corporation or the restaurant down the street, really understood and practiced your philosophy, their business would thrive. I am not talking about head knowledge - - but true heart knowledge!

On a more personal level, your book has helped me realize some truths in my personal life that I must somehow address, and for that I thank you. I also liked the little 'mona-isms' scattered through-out your book! Above all, the Christian testimony is so evident! I thank you for writing this book!

Kindest personal regards to you and yours,

Tony R.





"Value speaks to our meaning in life. Mona tells us that 'values result in believing people' and can be instrumental in 'releasing us from the hold of negative past relationships'. The relationshops count the deradly fear of 'having lived a meaningless life' that is associated with being in a state of clinical depression. In Creating Value we are given a prescription for life. the challenge is to utilize this gift that is 'there for the taking'."

Douglas Wuenschel, M.T.S., Ed.D 

“Mona knows first hand the importance of value. Drawing from family, friends, educational, business and spiritual experiences she has woven a tapestry of research and interviews into a book well worth your time. An Added bonus are the sections on Thought for Reflections and Keys to Evaluation designed to help you make wise choices. You are in for an adventure in personal growth.”

Marylea Henderson, Ed. D. LPC, NCC, LMFT  
McLennan Community College
Waco, TX



“I have read a great portion of your manuscript and must say it is a book I wish every young person in America would read!”

Kathryn Grant
Editorial Director
Brown Books Publishing