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Mona Dunkin
Corporate Trainer,
Motivational Speaker
and Personal Success Coach

 What Others are Saying about Mona as a Life Coach and Presenter... 

 God Bless Americarica 


 "Mona Dunkin has been a consultant, coach and friend in helping me to accomplish goals I sometimes wasn’t certain I’d be able to meet .Mona doesn’t muddy the waters with whip cracking “ata-girling” or patronizing; she simply provides insight guidance and true regards. "

Gloria M. Gonzales 



"I strongly recommend Mona for any enterprise that assist people discovering their potential and providing them the tools to maximize their interpersonal and vocational skills.”

S. Vaughn Peak, Former Senior Pastor, Victorious Life Church, Waco, TX 

"As we near the 7th year of our business connection, I just wanted to tell you how valued you are to our staff and students alike. Your congeniality makes everyone feel so welcome and at ease in your workshops and your enthusiasm for the life proves infectious."

Katie Garrett, JS Project Director
McLennman Community College,Waco.TX 



Mona Dunkin is a regular contributor to The Anchor News. Her material is so uplifting, so practical, so down–to-earth and helpful… She is one of the two most talked about columnists in my paper. People are so accustomed to reading her self-helps that they actually call her by name when they complement the paper."

Linda Austin-Crawford




 "Mona is multi-talented. I have listened to other speakers and looked at my watch, hoping they would soon finish. But Mona is so interesting, as well as encouraging class participation, that I am never wishing it would end. She is informative, witty and very sincere."

Nina Olson
Consumer Finance Corp.  

“Its my pleasure to recommend Mona to your association as an outstanding speaker and presenter. Mona always presents her classes in a very professional manner. All the residents and staff members are extremely complimentary of the services she renders.”

Janet Harrison, LBSW
Federal Bureau of Prisons
Comprehensive Sanction Center


“Mona has truly been an inspirational figure to me. I have a problem trying to please too many people and Mona gave me permission to say “No” when it is in my own best interest. I now use this advice every single day and it has had a huge positive impact on my life. Mona is a very dedicated and wise person. She is driven to succeed for all the right reasons. The thing that impresses me most about her is that she does not judge people.”

Matt Levin, Baylor University Student 

"Mona Dunkin teaches everything as though she was there, which she has been. She can teach so well because she has experienced the ups and downs of life and has learned much that she can only try to show others."

Diana Luper, McLennan Community College Student


“I can see things in my life as you speak and can instantly begin to apply these principles and solutions to my problems. Your seminars are very effective" 
Marla Elkins, The Dwyer Group 

"Mona Dunkin has the unique ability as well as drive to reach out and help others with her gift of coaching and mentoring. Mona taught me the importance of separating my actions from my words. Many times if I do something that is not wise, I will attack my self-esteem instead of calling the action unwise. She also taught me how to resolve a specific conflict with a friend. Creating Value does not just appeal to a specific person, but applies to everybody."

Darnel Kimble
Baylor University Student