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Creating Value,
  an intangible in a tangible world

Mona Dunkin, Author


"Value speaks to our meaning in life. Mona tells us that 'values result in believing people' and can be instrumental in 'releasing us from the hold of negative past relationships'. The relationshops count the deradly fear of 'having lived a meaningless life' that is associated with being in a state of clinical depression. In Creating Value we are given a prescription for life. the challenge is to utilize this gift that is 'there for the taking'."
Douglas Wuenschel, M.T.S., Ed.D 

"Mona Dunkin amazes me with the way she wrote this book. She wrote it in the simplest form where in people from all walks of life can grasp the message of Creating Value. In a world of chaos, political turmoil and economic depression, this book will help us define what is important and challenge us to set realistic goals. Read it to be successful."
Rev. Joel S. Aguirre, Coordinator
Bethany Institute - Philippines
Values give meaning to your life, they influence your decisions, they determine you success, they guide you life priorities... in short, values define who you are. that's the critical message Mona Dunkin offers throughout the pages of her book, Creating Value: An Intangible in a Tangible World... and I couldn't agree more. Too often in this I-me-mine world we live in, we forget what it means to place a value on something. It's not monetary value we're talking about here. As Mona reminds us, its the value or values we embrace that serves as our "compass for life."

Without values we're destined to wander aimlessly through life without purpose. And if we do that, then we have not lived up to the greatest endowment ever given - to have been created in God's image. I like the way Mona said it: "we are human beings created in Gods' image... a work of art with a designer label."
To decide if we're a designer label or a genetic brand, we have to ask at ourselves some difficult questions. At the end of each chapter Mona challenges us to ask questions, to evaluate ourselves: What do we believe in? How honest are you with yourself. It's what she calls being "bottom-line honest."

That's the bottom-line message Mona sends to those who read this book, without bottoem-line honesty, it's not likely you can truly evaluate yourself, your life or your action, for it's the honest evaluation that establishes who you are.

I congratulate Mona for writing this book, and I commend you for reading it. Now, all you have to do is ask yourself some valuable questions... what do you value? Creating Value will help you find the answers.

Paul J. Meyer
Founder of Success Motivation International, Inc.
New York Times Best-Selling Author


  •  Summary of Creating Value...

Everyone has something that represents the center of his being and that something determines priorities and attitudes. Creating Value discusses the function of value and encourages the reader to assess his own values. It offers reflection questions to determine what shapes your beliefs.

True success involves mutual gain. Creating Value deals with a developing a dual bottom line of being cost-effective by balancing a three-legged stool of being, doing and having. It explores Einstein's Theory of Relativity and applies the physics principles to human relationships.

It's all about relationship. From the cradle to the grave, a universal human need is to love and to be loved. No matter the venue - homelife, workforce, salesmanship, community involvement, government, law enforcement, or breakthrough sciences like Albert Einstein's Theory of Relativity, it is all about the state or quality of relating. The book explores how value positively affects all relationships and gives guidelines for improving skills.

People are the bottom line - including you Creating Value contains a short course on esteem vs. egoism. It helps the individual assess his/her infinite worth and value. it offers eleven action steps to identifyng, accepting and accentuating self-worth.





Mona knows first hand the importance of value. Drawing from family, friends, educational, business and spiritual experiences she has woven a tapestry of research and interviews into a book well worth your time. An Added bonus are the sections on Thought for Reflections and Keys to Evaluation designed to help you make wise choices. You are in for an adventure in personal growth.”

Marylea Henderson, Ed. D. LPC, NCC, LMFT  
McLennan Community College
Waco, TX